The bridge management system address the management of minor (culverts) and major (bridges) structures. Culverts and particularly bridges encapsulate a wide array of assets and consequently the amount of information one can derive from such structures is immense such as the structure inventory pertaining to the location, type, function, ownership, guardrails, dimensions, spans, balustrade. The system is designed in such a way that the level of detail captured for the inventory and assessment can be customized to cater for low detail or high detail scenarios.

The bridge management system intends to assess how poor the condition of a bridge is as opposed to how good it is. To this end the system makes use of a Bridge Condition Index that is calculated by applying coefficients to the degree, extent and urgency of every defect of the waterway, structure and approach. This prioritizes the bridges or structures that require urgent attention.

In addition to this, the system provides remedial actions and asset componentization reports.

• Integration with Road Location Referencing System

• Acquiring of base Inventory data and update of old inventory data

• Data capture

• Basic verification of data

• Functional Condition assessment of the Waterway, Structure, Approach

• General Remedial Action Project Costs Summary

• Inventory and Inspection reports


• Bridge and Culvert Inventory

• Remedial Action Project Costs Summary

• Remedial Actions by Route Class

• Remedial Actions by Suburb

• Overall bridge Condition

• Bridge Condition Index

• Priority listings - Maintenance Needs for the network and Upgrading Priorities Standards


• Bridge Condition and Suburb Condition

• Structure Size Distribution

• Structure Type Distribution

• Structure Ownership Distribution

• The quantities of the various types of maintenance needs are shown in a series of bar carts as well as maps indicating the needs


• Ownership

• Structure Condition

• Structure Type

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