Our engineers are highly specialised in road infrastructure-related design, maintenance, upgrading, rehabilitation, contract administration, site supervision and monitoring procedures. Solutions have broadened to include water and sanitation in order to participate in municipal services.

• The Design of New Roads, Public Transport Facilities and Bridges

Capability includes design, execution and contract supervision of highways, toll-roads, rural and urban roads, public transport facilities, airports and bridges. Emphasis is placed on innovative but appropriate and cost-effective designs to ensure value for money.

• Upgrading of Existing Roads

Due to the maturity of road networks in Africa, the emphasis has shifted from the design of new roads to maintenance and upgrading for existing roads. Our vast experience includes required effort and expertise to design a cost-effective upgrade for an existing road is often more challenging than designing a new road.

• The Design Of Road Maintenance And Rehabilitation Solutions

Emphasis is placed on prolonged service life of pavements and optimised utilisation of the budget. Whether we manage a resurfacing or re-gravelling project, our level of service is always guaranteed to be professional.

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