The Right of Way System identify maintenance & improvement needs to prioritize activities for the provision of a safe & economical roadside infrastructure.

The i-ROW subsystem of i-RAMS includes functionality to assist in managing data within the right of way or what is sometimes referred to as the road reserve. This includes aspects such as offcarriageway features and furnishings, traffic signs, surface car parks adjacent to roads/streets, footways, accesses and wayside amenities.


• Instant Process Tracking

• Strategic, Tactical & Operational level outputs

• Component Location Reference

• Asset Photo Library

• Capture Sign & Roadside Condition

• Basic Inventory Statistics

• Condition Description

• Priority Maintenance Activities

• Budget Estimation

Roadsides can be classified according to different themes e.g. roadside, surface, kerbing, stormwater inlet, route etc. The inventory data can be displayed when selecting an asset data on maps (viewed through the application GUI) View maps with specific themes addressing walkway condition rating, kerbing condition rating, unpaved walkway condition rating, storm water inlet condition rating and aesthetic condition rating.

Signage: The proper management of road furniture is a critical aspect with in the civil engineering maintenance environment. Signage specifically requires regular maintenance in order to ensure a safe regulatory environment and to meet legal requirements required to effectively support decisions taken by maintenance and management.

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