Given the prominent nature of stormwater within the roads environment, the i-RAMS solution, by implication, had to address stormwater. This is catered for by the i-SMS.


The main objective of the i-SMS integrated stormwater management system is to manage rainfall run-off by making relevant information available to stakeholders in order to:

• Minimize disruptions and damage

• Utilizing the benefits of rainfall run-off

• Optimise funding towards stormwater management

• Identifies areas & developments with high flood risk

• Achieve asset management compliance

• Estimates replacement value of assessed network

• Provides Condition & Functionality Reports

• Address Absent & Insufficient Infrastructure

• Video Logging of specialised condition assessments


• Caters for municipal stormwater & contaminated stormwater in industrial areas

• Incorporation and Verification of all “As Built” data through i-RAC system

• Hydraulic modelling of urban and rural areas

• Identifying optimum upgrading and Maintenance activities

• Decision support with hydrological analysis

• Supports input from various hydraulic modules

• Identifies strategic importance of links

• Quantifies potential flooding risk

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