• Spatial Data Capture, Digitizing and Editing

• Mobile GIS Data Management (experience with various handheld devices)

• Quality Control of Data

• Linking GIS and Infrastructure Data for Asset Management (i.e. roads, ancillary assets, bridges, storm water etc.)

• Map Production, including map books

• Web based GIS Applications

• Data Conversions between GIS, CAD and Google Earth

• Skills transfer /Training in GIS software i.e. QGIS, ArcGIS

We have many years of experience linking Road Infrastructure to GIS data as part of our Pavement Management system. This has now also been expanded to other Infrastructure. At the project onset we assist the client in obtaining GIS data which would include aerial photography such as SPOT imagery, or we make use of online imagery available from the Chief Directorate: National Geo-Spatial Information (NGI) and vector data such as the roads, boundaries, schools and other points of interest.

We keep up with the latest changes in municipal and ward boundaries through the Municipal Demarcation Board. Where data is not available it is digitized from aerial photography or captured through GPS or Tablets depending on the application. All field data goes through strict quality control before the clients' Asset Management System is updated. We have experienced field assessors but also make use of engineering students which are trained in various aspects of Asset Management including training in the use of GIS for managing Municipal Infrastructure. Our data is available to the client in a Web Based application which includes a GIS viewer and quality maps/map books are supplied to the client as part of the project deliverables.