The Integrated Rapid Asset Capturing (i-RAC) platform provides a comprehensive asset logging and condition assessment solution for any immovable infrastructure asset type.


• Cloud Based Architecture

• Cross-Platform Application

• 24/7 System Availability

• Asset Location Referencing System

• High-Accuracy Geospatial Data Collection

• Offline Data Cache

• Integrated Mapping and asset identification

• Continuous Monitoring of Survey Progress

• Optional External Bluetooth GPS

• On-device Data Validation

• Ensure Asset Extent Verification

• Secure Remote Assistance

• TMH 9 Compliant Visual Assessment for Roads

• TMH 18 Compliant Data Export

• ISO 55 000 and GRAP 17 Alignment


• Cloud technology allows data capturing from different devices using cloud based architecture and spatial databases.

• Real time connectivity ensures continuous monitoring of road survey progress. Where connectivity is poor, assessors can capture information on site and when they move into a good coverage area, devices will automatically synchronise data with the Cloud Server.

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